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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S Water Test!

or two guys everything else will procure here got the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus
edge it's really beautiful and striking device they changed a lot of things on
the outside it's a lot curvier smoother and finish is different all in all it
equals out to be quite a beautiful fall not only did they make it look about her
but they also did add waterproofing so we're turning to the old golden days of
waterproof Samsung phones the s was technically water-resistant not
waterproof about this one has a full IP  waterproof rating meaning it can sit
in a meter and a half of water for  minutes and come out just fine after
taking all of your dolphin photos so I wanna put it to the test with this video
is this thing really waterproof or Samsung's claims true and as a point of
reference I've got an iPhone  us plus here this thing is that water is this
Sarah waterproof or anything like that but as your iBook smartphone nowadays I
wanna see our regular smartphone compares underwater to eat Samsung
Galaxy has seven edge which is said to be waterproof so let's go out and test
these phones see how they do if he got cr edge is actually waterproof and this
is just a foot of water
regular tap water here we're gonna set these guys in there and see what happens
and if they survive so here are these beautiful phones Samsung Galaxy S seven
the iPhone  us plus I'm not too worried about the s edge you know the
construction seems solid it's a lot be fewer as they did waterproof it from the
inside out instead of just adding rubber seals around it like the s you know I
have good faith in samsung cs which wasn't even waterproof did so well when
I take it under water
alright so these guys to the test
see how long the iPhone  S Plus compares when it tries to compete on the
waterproof level every go three
 alright so you're gonna let them soak and the Galaxy S edge on the left the
iPhone  S Plus on the right
give them a few minutes here and if they do survive what I really want to see is
what works and what doesn't
lot of people tested this arrives in the next day stops working you know like
Port stuff working and let's put this all to the test and see how they do so
Galaxy S  just connected to a network underwater otherwise the  S Plus just
lost service they still look good so we're approaching three minutes right
now so go ahead and pull them out and see how they're doing
someone if they dropped my phone in water than I could lead to unless they
want intentionally record underwater so i three minutes here
sport now quick go ahead and positive Skype
alright so both seem to be working just fine display still work for you could
almost say the  S Plus is waterproof but we know that's not the case it's
only a matter of time but both seem to be doing pretty good I'm impressed I
write so they go again in the phones go again go ahead and start this time again
and this time will you meant for a longer amount of time I'm really really
soak up in there but I'm actually surprised the iPhone is doing ok not
showing any signs of what happened yet the law so we tested in two very well
maybe it was the I was not . update that something different will see but
you know about a foot of water here
good amount of depth in there let's see how it really does know what's really
cool about the s edge and i seven is that they actually have a cooler inside
of them it's a rocket technology so there is a liquid that turns to gas and
vice versa depending on how hot or cold the phone is and I thought that was
quite incredible something that's used for space travel is being used in a
phone and nowadays and what's also cool is the way to theme song that made me
gag cr waterproof is that they didn't from the inside out instead of just
sealing up the ports they sealed off the entire phone using new technology to do
so and this thing you don't it's already proving to be quite think waterproof
phone and something I wouldn't worry twice about taking to the beach or to
any of you know body of water now we don't know what kind of a difference a
salt water we do that's a future test itself but I'm curious to see what it
would take to completely destroy the singing of water how far how deep you
have to go but you know in regular water still doing good both of them the iPhone
mini Samsung Galaxy S seven edge so we're approaching five minutes here
still doing good let's keep going and take it to ten minutes fifteen as far as
other phones go that we tested probably be best  iPhone  s then the Galaxy
S six they all did pretty good but let's keep going
see how these do just to give you guys a perspective here it is in the water the
eiffel success + and got just got a good amount of water on top of them
this isn't anything like a little shop in this is actually foot of water here
but they're still alive almost at the  minute mark we're gonna pull out a ten
minutes in C which port still work if everything is working as it should of
course after  minutes if you put your phone out of the water you know the
chances of the successful surrounding gets very very slim so let's go ahead
and got here  seconds he was doing alrighty so please guys so here is the
Samsung Galaxy S  and the iPhone  us plus mobile home alive as far as I can
displays working home buttons are working I am amazed what the heck the
sky seems to be working ok so let's test the speakers see if we can get some
audio out of them
seems to be going up and down and there is a static dance to it so I wouldn't
say that's completely water resistant playing the sound it's obvious that some
water got in the speaker whether or not there goes away who knows we can
definitely start to see the evidence of the water damage right here is a little
finger coming out of it otherwise the phone is working the audio is working
customers real quick so working good says the technology each slave d
touches out working and headphone jacks allies so audio is working on this guy
looks good so other than this little little dude a great they're sticking out
so can really tell has been water damaged good on both so looks like
everything is still working on both devices these guys back in the water
see how they do in about five to  more minutes back in they go
I always wanted to see three touch works under water apparently not so when I
push on the s edge there is no air coming out nothing and while the screen
actually works underwater lights I had no idea so you can go and start
recording choose any application or water while ok I'm a modest it'll be
blown away right now I had no idea that would something out of work I can get
that display a pop-up but you can actually use the stay underwater the
iPhone screen doesn't work but when you push on it you get a little bubbles
coming out wow I'm action blown away by the state's Samsung you doing something
right so everything is working on compressed really let's get this up to
 minutes  minutes see how long these last five so while still underwater I
want to go ahead and move all of these around to make sure you get as much air
as possible so flipping upside-down yeah you can definitely see all the air
coming out oh yeah certain to see water marks in the display oK so it's only a
matter of time now no longer catches wife underwater starting to see more
artifacts on display
let's leave it shouldn't be long and it's coming alright so the phone has
gonna go ahead and we've been here but you can see on the displays their
artifacts from the water and Schoenherr on the whole time to screen
so unless you wanna cool new logo don't put your phone in there anyways I think
that is completely done so many positive took about  minutes and this guy is
toast so glad I water's coming out here like I can squeeze it at home against
nice new waterfront for you coming out of the site only gonna SAT silently lot
of water I never seen that before that is cool I want to show you guys how
effectively the iPhone makes as a water gun to someone to fill this up
you want to squeeze in the iPhone make sure to get as much water inside of it
as possible ok so it is cold water now and go ahead and squeeze your phone you
can shoot up to  feet and actually not bad so if you ever lose your water gun
grab your iPhone at your party real quick he got a few shots in there makes
for an effective lawyer again I can't sell it on
and it's not on ok so I don't know where that is
you can push the display in there some giveaway and all that stuff is coming
out so it seems to be completely done fifteen minutes is what it took
Samsung Galaxy S seven edge still working still find that guy out real
quick as far as I can tell this thing is working perfectly on wanna see impressed
very impressed how well it works with water on the screen with it being
underwater as great a lot of people are going to join us a treat so this guy the
other hand is done it's now a break and definitely do not use your phone
underwater it cannot compare to the awesome new Samsung Galaxy  really
hope Apple follows in the footsteps of Samsung releases the waterproof iPhone
 possibilities are great never having to worry about getting water in your
phone case on it that's something I could definitely use so thanks so much
for watching guys just a little test to see how either one of these we do in the
water obviously not a good choice for you should check out the drug test in
comparison itself is a lot of cool things to see about the Samsung Galaxy
has  degree day guys peace

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